About Us

A Journey to Innovation

Marnie, Debby and Sarah were on a mission. As passionate educators, they had seen far too much of the same old uninspiring rigid instruction or play based environment without accountability taking place in classrooms everywhere. They knew there was a better way to teach children – one that was engaging, stimulating and empowered students — but how could it be done?

So they decided to take action and test the curriculum inside the classrooms of Young Innovators Academy. When it came time for teachers to implement this new method of teaching, something unexpected happened: many weren’t quite sure how to make it work or even grasp its concepts as most had never experienced this type of approach as learners themselves!

As the team embarked on a transformational journey with this program, It wasn’t long before the entire faculty at Young Innovators Academy embraced this revolutionary approach which resulted in an unprecedented level of engagement from both teachers and students alike.

Word spread quickly throughout education circles about their revolutionary new program, leading them to open up their schools’ doors for other educators who wanted access to this innovation advantage for themselves and their students. 

Our team’s dream is now becoming reality; together we can make sure our next generation receives an education tailored towards unlocking its full potential by helping adults reconnect with their inner innovator.

Our Programs

The Innovation Advantage

Embark on a transformative journey to elevate your teaching skills. The Innovation Advantage 2-day training, is here to unlock a brighter and healthier future. Through our experiences, workshops, presentations and site visits we provide a  fresh perspective and effective strategies to address these deep challenges.

Collaborative Cohort

Join a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for education, inquiry, and experimentation. Together, we will support and inspire each other to explore new ideas and cultivate growth. Discover the incredible practice of maker-centered learning, developed by the expert team at Agency by Design initiative at Harvard University, as you gain a practical understanding of its implementation.

Meet the Creators


Marnie Forestieri

Marnie is a passionate advocate of education innovation, author, entrepreneur and educator at heart, devoted to introducing innovative approaches that will help young learners become fearless problem solvers of tomorrow.  She continues to strive for excellence as the CEO and Founder of Young Innovators Academy, where she leads a remarkable team of educators.


Debby Mitchell

Debby Mitchell, EdD is an inspirational leader in the field of education, having dedicated more than 35 years to delivering world-class curriculum development programs, physical education coaching, fitness instruction and preservice teacher training. Her exemplary work has impacted more than 25,000 schools across the nation and trained over 1,000 = teachers. 


Sarah Sprinkel

Sarah is a visionary leader whose passion for children and education is unparalleled. She has dedicated her life to developing and implementing educational initiatives that are shaping the future of distance learning across the nation. With deep experience in child development, legislative outreach, and internship supervision, Sarah brings a unique set of skills to her leadership roles. 


The teachers at Young Innovators Academy

Our teachers are not just passionate about teaching, but they are also lifelong learners themselves. They constantly seek out new knowledge, ideas, and methods to improve their teaching techniques and stay relevant in an ever-changing world.  Our teachers are truly in "aww" of children. They see the potential, wonder, and curiosity in each child and work tirelessly to help them reach their full potential.