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Innovation in education begins in Orlando, where endless possibilities await.

Schools face numerous challenges that require real change, both inside and out.

The Innovation Advantage is a professional learning framework designed specifically for adults who care for and teach young children.  The program is built upon three main pillars – Emotional Intelligence, Mindset Builders and Maker mindset. These pillars work together to create a comprehensive approach that focuses on behavior, promoting an innovative mindset and academic success.

Embracing innovation has numerous benefits for teachers themselves. By adopting new and creative teaching techniques, educators can better engage their students and foster a love for learning. It also allows them to continuously improve and adapt their teaching methods to meet the unique needs of each student.

Innovation Advantage Accreditation: Elevate Your Early Childhood Setting

Are you ready to transform your Early Childhood setting into a hub of Innovation?

Introducing the Innovation Advantage Accreditation, powered by Young Innovators Academy®. This transformative program is designed to empower educators and elevate the teaching profession through thoughtful reflection and continuous improvement.

Over the course of a year, your team will embark on a journey to embed a culture of innovation.

Collaborative Growth: Work together as a team to inspire each other, sharing ideas and fostering an innovative spirit that is contagious.

Document Progress: As you implement changes, gather evidence to support your actions, showcasing your journey towards quality improvement.

Visibility & Recognition: Highlight your commitment to excellence through documented progress, gaining recognition from peers and stakeholders.

Why Choose Innovation Advantage Accreditation?

The Innovation Advantage Accreditation is more than just a toolkit; it’s a pathway to creating an inspiring learning environment where innovation leads the way. By embracing this accreditation, you’re not only investing in the quality of your provision but also in the future of the children you nurture.

Join us on this empowering journey to elevate your Early Childhood setting. Reflect, act, and showcase the incredible impact of a culture built on curiosity and wonder. Let’s drive change and innovation together, one inspired step at a time.

Here is What you will Learn


Emotional Intelligence

It’s no secret that people with high emotional intelligence tend to be happier, healthier, and more successful in their relationships and careers. 

At the end of this experience, participants will walk away with a deep understanding of the psychological mechanism that drive your behaviors, motivation and performance by using our framework to improve their emotional intelligence.

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Mindset Builders

Once participants uncover the powerful emotional Intelligence framework, we  direct them toward actions that build their resiliency and determination while also improving their overall performance.

In this module, participants  learn how to overcome their fears, discover their joy, activate their potential, reframe experiences and pursue a life that feels good to them from the inside out.


Maker-space Learning

The Innovation Advantage encourages individuals to embrace a people-centered, hands-on approach towards learning and problem solving. You will dive headfirst into projects that will challenge you, allowing you to unleash your inner innovator.

In this module, participants will make mistakes, get messy, explore possibilities – all with a supportive community by your side every step of the way!

Teacher Trainers


Marnie Forestieri


Marnie is a passionate advocate of education innovation, author, entrepreneur and educator at heart, devoted to introducing innovative approaches that will help young learners become fearless problem solvers of tomorrow.  She continues to strive for excellence as the CEO and Founder of Young Innovators Academy, where she leads a remarkable team of educators on a mission to provide high quality early education.


Dr. Debby Mitchell


Dr. Mitchell's passion for her craft has been demonstrated time and again through her numerous publications and motivational keynote speeches. An inspirational leader in the field of education, having dedicated more than 35 years to delivering world-class curriculum development programs, coaching and instruction. Her exemplary work has impacted more than 25,000 schools across the nation and trained over 1,000 teachers.


Sarah Sprinkel


Sarah is a visionary leader whose passion for children and education is unparalleled. She has dedicated her life to developing and implementing educational initiatives that are shaping the future of distance learning across the nation. With deep experience in child development, legislative outreach, and internship supervision, Sarah brings a unique set of skills to her leadership roles.


A:To introduce a cohort of educators to maker-centered
learning practices and to support them in making practical
connections to their work in their classrooms.

B: To equip the cohort members with a working knowledge of
the practice of documentation and its application.

C: To develop a professional learning community amongst the
cohort members will serve as a place of inquiry,
experimentation, and support.

D: To engage parents in maker-centered learning so that they
may continue this work with their children at home.

E: Site visits at Young Innovators Academies- (Oviedo and
Winter Garden Campus) to experience exhibitions of teacher
inquiry, classroom observations, documentation review, focus
group discussions, planning meetings and social events with
Participants and/or key stakeholders


June 21

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June 27-28, 2024


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Making Learning Visible Exhibits

Children are innovators. Come experience how The Innovation Advantage makes learning visible and their plans to solve problems and challenges.

Part of the exhibit is also a visual representation of the practices of maker-centered learning in Central Florida and the opportunity for the public to participate in the experience of collaborative inquiry between parents, educators, and the community.


Come experience the excitement of bringing ideas to life in a fun-filled festival where children experience learning and build their innovation skills to identify and offer solutions to real-world challenges in their communities.

The competitions are open to schools that practice the Innovation Advantage. Teams compete to win seed funding for their innovative start-up company and receive coaching from a panel of local judges with business and financial experience.

More Information

Effective classroom management is one of the key factors in creating a conducive learning environment for students. It involves setting clear expectations, creating a positive and engaging atmosphere, and addressing any disruptive behaviors promptly. To achieve this, many educators have turned to the Innovation Advantage Classroom Management Program. The method becomes a new way of thinking about the world around them. This program incorporates three pillars that serve as guiding principles for managing a classroom effectively

After this training, participants will be able to incorporate practical tips to infuse this program into their classrooms.

Teacher will also learn the  four-step CAPE Process to build engaging  lesson plans: Consider others, Problem-solve, Create, and Produce solutions.

Most things that have been created, developed, or invented came because of a problem.  Students need to know how to solve problems and have a set method to approach the problem so the can be prepared for the future.  Problem solving solutions are so needed for innovators, inventors, and in the workplace.    

Many problem-solving approaches are taught as children get older.  But, if the process is taught at a young age, the process will become a habit and students will have a tool to use for the rest of their lives.  Innovation Advantage becomes ingrained and a habit for learners to face challenges big or small in any situation.

Students also learn empathy and how problems impact others.   This further motivates students to take action and brainstorm solutions to care for others and to make this a better world.

Scholarships are available for educators from qualifying organizations. With generous support from organizations and many individual donations, we are able to offer a limited number of professional learning scholarships to support a range of schools, districts, and organizations as well as a diverse group of educators.

These scholarships support educators and teams in under-resourced contexts and marginalized communities. 

The deadline for registration is Sunday, May 31, 2024.

Space is limited. The courses may fill prior to the registration deadline.

We understand that the roles of teachers and school leaders are unique, each with their own set of challenges and responsibilities. That's why we have designed two separate learning tracks to cater to the distinct needs of both groups.

Teacher Track

Our teacher track is specifically tailored to meet the professional development needs of preschool and elementary school educators. We offer a variety of workshops, seminars, and immersive learning experiences that focus on honing teaching skills, implementing new our classroom management program and staying updated with the latest educational trends.

Administrator Track

Our administrator track is designed to help owners of childcare preschools and schools, executive directors and program leaders develop new skills and enhance their existing ones. We offer workshops and immersive site visits that address topics such as strategic planning, curriculum implementation staff evaluation.


Your registration fee includes admission to all sessions, digital conference materials, lunch, drinks, and snacks.

Attire is casual. Groups are encouraged to wear your school colors or school shirts.

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